Texas Hog Hunting

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Russian Boar, Feral Pigs and Crossed Hogs
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Why Go Texas Hog Hunting?

Known as Russian Boar, Feral Hog or just plain Pigs,
the wild swine in Texas are rapidly gaining popularity as a hunting target.
 The reasons are numerous. 

Number one; they're smart, so the hunting can be challenging!
One scientific study says that pigs are the second smartest animal behind only chimpanzees. 

Number two; you may take hog by any method, year around in Texas.
That means; no need to wait for deer season to warm up the gun barrel. 

Number three; wild pork is excellent meat; lean, and flavorful! 
Number four; chances of success are great.
Texas Parks and Wildlife now estimates the pig population in Texas may exceed two million,
and, we hunt right in the densest hog population areas in the state.

And finally, number five reason; boar hunting is
Oink! Oink!
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Feral Hog Hunts
Seeing herds (called sounders) of 20 or more feral hogs at a time is not uncommon on our hunting ranches. Sows sexually mature at just 9 months old and can have a litter of piglets every 3 months, 3 weeks and 3 days thereafter. There may be up to 8 shoats live out of each litter (average is almost 5). Pigs are basically baby machines!
Boars mature at about 1 year old. Males get a thick cartilage like shield under the skin all around the chest cavity. This is to protect them from the tusks of other male hogs in fights over territory and/or females, and also from the bullets and arrows we use while hog hunting in Texas.
Check out the tusks on these boars, and remember it the next time you want to track a wounded hog into thick cover.

a close up of a texas boar hog and his tusks look at the huge tusks on this trophy hog another trophy Texas hog
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